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May 23rd, 2010

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05:26 pm - super noob!
hey everybody! I'm really super super new to this whole Resident Evil thing, to be perfectly honest, but I saw these two and I KNEW i was going to love them.

I found Rebecca during a random google image search for a pretty girl to stand in as a character for an original story of mine and I thought she was really beautiful, and ta-da, we even shared a name! (Although mine is spelled Rebeccah, it's still cool!)

I looked into her a bit and learned what games she was in and the basics of where she fit into the RE storyline, but since I'm not into those games, I didn't pursue it. I recently purchased a Wii from a friend tho, and knowing my boyfriend had bought RE0 for the gamecube not long ago, I borrowed it, just to 'try it out'. Now I am about the girliest gamer ever, I'm more of a JRPG, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing kinda gal, but man, did this game hook me in. I loved Rebecca's characterization, and how hot Billy is. I thought they were adorable together from the start!
And of course, I loved hearing him yell my name (technically hers, but COME ON, who wouldn't love that? xD)

I'm a bit sad honestly that there isn't more supporting them on the interweb. I'm planning on writing some fanfiction once I find the time (full time college student right now) and making some fanvideos to add to the love. 

Was there a specific reason/scene/whatever that won you over?

I believe it was the very first one, the moment Billy put his gun down, didn't shoot her, and called her a pet name. xD I was like "whoah, wait a second there, buddy. You telling me this big guy has a soft spot for this girl? I'M ALL OVER THAT! after that, I saw them having moments all over the place...and loved every second. teehee!

Do you like the idea that Capcom kept Billy and Rebecca from falling under the typical RE love disease (falling in love in only a few hours with a complete stranger), or do you think we got jipped compared to the Leon/Ada and Claire/Steve fans?

It's a game, honestly, it's not supposed to be realistic. I do appreciate the subtlety of their almost-romance; as compared to others I've seen in the past, but I think it was a bit too subtle. Going through a life-threatening experience like that would earn at least a handshake, or even a hug in Rebecca's case (she seems like a hugger, to me. lol)
Definitely not very realistic there.

If you could have altered one scene in Zero to better fit the idea of Billy/Rebecca, which would it be, if any?

I wouldn't have altered any of the ones that happened except the ending, and everyone will probably agree with me there. I would most likely have added extra little scenes in to keep hinting at it. Umbrella Chronicles threw in a few more cute ones into the old mix, but I definitely like me some telling cutscenes, and think they're the one thing lacking from RE0.

I'll definitely be lurking around here now, just to see any new cool stuff you guys add, and adding my own. Spread teh billyxrebecca lurve!! whoever made this community is TEH SHIZNAT!! ^_^
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Date:May 24th, 2010 08:59 pm (UTC)
haha nice to meet u too! and really? For me, my name is still relatively rare. I've only met about 4 other Rebecca's in my lifetime, none with my spelling, and I'm still one of maybe 2 in my entire college class of 125 kids! I like that we're rare though. It's an elegant name that can be cute too (Becki, Becky, Becca, etc) so in a way, we have two sides! ^_^

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